ATEX 800

The 800 x 800 waffle mould in four depths
200, 250, 300 and 400mm

ATEX 900

This 900 x 900 waffle mould in three depths
225,325 and 425mm

Support Systems

Atex Moulds can be used with any form of support system, either proprietary or made up. Extensive testing to determine the best material, internal ribbing design and load capacity at varying temperatures has resulted in the high quality of these manufactured moulds.


The finish of the concrete in contact with the mould surface will be of a good quality, often suitable to be left as struck for many buildings. Obviously particular attention must be paid to the joints between the moulds and the moulds and other materials, otherwise it may be necessary to clean off grout fins to obtain a high overall finish.

Fire Resistance

The moulds have been tested by the British Construction Industry Research and information Association and copies of this detailed report 107 are available from the Association.



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